Our mission from the very beginning has been to brew world-class, craftsmen-inspired beers that are rich in artisan traditions while celebrating life and love in South Florida.











As a a homebrewer, one batch was 10 gallons. Inside the garage, in a sibling’s backyard, in the kitchen and even in a barn; our homebrews were produced just about everywhere.

The homebrew career saw about 100 batches in four years, totaling one thousand gallons of beer during that time. With our 30 bbl system at 26° Brewing, our very first batch produced 930 gallons.

Staying true to hard-working, homebrewing roots, we scaled up these 100 gallon recipes and now present them to you from our state-of-the-art, 30 barrel brewhouse.


Virtual Brewery Tour

So many people want to see the magic of craft brewing. Well, it takes a lot of hot and hard work to make it look so tasty. Only the enjoyment of a customer's smiling face can make it all worth it. WATCH this behind the scenes Virtual Tour of our brewery in action and be sure to look up our in person tours on your next visit to the taproom. (Video best viewed in non-Safari browsers or mobile Youtube. Drag the cursor around the video to view inside our brewery.)



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What’s on Tap?

With a consistent variety of craft beer goodness always being released at 26° Brewing,
one of the most common questions we get is, “What’s on tap?”
Well now you can know the moment a new item is on our menu.

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Craft Beer

26º Brewing Company brews some of the best craft beer in all of Florida!

Use the category filter below and CLICK on a beer to learn more about your favorites
or discover a new taste on-tap for your next visit.

Robespierre’s Revenge | 9.3%
Ziko’s Bourbon Barrel Rage | 8%
Ziko’s Cabernet Barrel Rage | 8%
The Black Hole | 8.5%
Summer Wheat | 5.5%
Sesh on the Beach | 4.9%
Lemon Drop | 4.4%
Jared’s Batch | 6.3%
IPA2A | 8.2%
Goin’ Commando | 10.0%
‘Merica | 5.5%
Captain Ron Hefeweizen | 5.6%
IPA1A | 6.4%
Tri-County Common | 5.5%
Baseline | 5.4%
The Brown Eye | 7%
Scotch Ness Monster | 6.1%
Ziko’s Rage | 8.2%

Calendar of Events

26° Brewing knows you have a busy life to live…

That is why we are making it easier for you to plan your life around our great events.  

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Facebook Events

  • We love 26 Degrees! It’s certainly our home brewery. I love their IPAs- always a great selection. Fun releases here and there too! Great brews, excellent service, friendly faces and a relaxing open environment- perfect brewery!  They even have popcorn for the big kids and doggy treats for the furry kids.

    Jennifer M. (Yelp!)
  • I loved my previous job. It was a great company. I had a great boss and a great salary. Ultimately, all that wasn’t enough to stop me from leaving it all to pursue my ultimate dream, to make beer for a living.

    Greg - Proprietor & Brewer, 26º Brewing Company
  • A big thanks for the impromptu tour of the brewery this past Monday! Was able to see all the sexy stainless steel brewery equipment! Nice to see a 30 bbl system and all the associated details behind the scene! Was able to secure a few Crowlers of beer to share with some of my Ohio buddies! 

    Isaac Claypool - Home Brewer (Facebook)
  • Being able to create great craft beer in my own backyard of South Florida is a dream come true.

    Yonathan - Proprietor & Brewer, 26º Brewing Company
  •  Stopped in today for the first time and was highly impressed. We had the imperial stout and the a1a ipa and they were both amazing. I believe the gentlemen that took care of us was named James. Really nice guy that took total care of us. Thank you for a great first experience and we will be back for sure!

    Neil Gordon(Facebook)
  • 49% of my thoughts revolve around beer… is that normal for a guy?

    Greg - Proprietor & Brewer, 26º Brewing Company



Within the 21,000+ sq ft 26º Brewing facility, our 4,600+ sq ft taproom has a capacity of 400 people and has a bar that is 54’ long. With a bar that size and plenty of seating in comfortable A/C,
there will always be room for your next visit.



Located in the heart of East Pompano Beach, 26º Brewing is in the middle of the excitement
that makes South Florida a beer lover's paradise.

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